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When starting Glide Bike Classes for Kids we wanted to create a space for children to experience a sense of learning in a fun and engaging environment where they would learn quickly and develop cycling skills that would stay with them for a lifetime. We created our "3 'F's". Fun, Fast & Forever; the best way to understand our ethos and why we do what we do.

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Glide Bike Classes for Kids provide a fun learning experience for children ages 4-12+ years old. 

Each stage of the class is designed to encourage your child to learn to ride a bike without stabilisers in a fun and comfortable environment. 

During the class we go through stages where we allow the children to relax, laugh and answer questions, get used to their bikes and how they manoeuvre and then we get them pedalling using our tried and tested methods. 

We strive to make all our classes to be a fun and rewarding experience for all and hope the children that take them carry that sense of fun with them as they continue to ride as they get older and into adulthood.  

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At Glide Bike Classes for Kids, we guarantee your child will learn to ride their bike without stabilisers in one single intensive class.

With our fun and focussed classes we aim to have your child riding without stabilisers as quickly as possible at their pace, so they have ample time to practice during the class with an instructor on hand.

We are confident that after having taught over 2000 children, we can have your child learning to ride stabiliser free in just one lesson.


If they do not learn during the class, they can come back and try again at the next available time until they do at no extra cost. 

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Learning to ride a bike without stabilisers is a life skill that stays with children for the rest of their lives and we believe is as important as learning to swim. 

Riding a bike without stabilisers is the first step towards further cycling proficiency, a lifetime of health and fitness opportunities, have family days out, the ability to travel for next to no cost and of course helps us do our bit for the environment. 

One of the most significant gifts you can give your child is a sense of independence, and cycling does just that. It gives them the freedom to explore on their own terms, fostering self-reliance and decision-making skills. This independence is a crucial step in their journey towards adulthood. 


Our Pedal Promise

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If your child doesn't learn to pedal and control their bike during their class, they can come back free of charge to the next available class and try again until they can.*

Your class coach will help organise this and help get you onto the earliest, most convenient class.

If you need to book on for a follow-up class then please check the bookings page for next available class and request to join

*See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

or for enquiries please call us on

07930 676 035

or email

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“Highly recommend these classes. My daughter was a slow starter and was shown patience and encouragement throughout and in no time was riding her bike with confidence. She absolutely loves riding around now. Thanks for being a brilliant teacher.”

Anna P. - Facebook review, December 2023

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